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This website was created from the inspiration of playing the Yamaha WX5 Windcontroller. I have a new website now that is dedicated to my Solo act using the synthophone http://www.saxmagic.net, but this old site was and is my show and tell site for all things windcontroller and Synthophone related. For many years I played Tenor, Alto sax, and  Flute as well as Harmonica.The Windcontroller will let me do those instruments now and many more.The Windcontroller allows a musician to play a variety of sounds that have the capability of sounding like just about any acoustic instrument. As a bonus there is also the fun of layering synths to produce horn sections and orchestra sounds. ----------------------------------------------------------  The Synthophone has replaced the WX5 as my windcontroller of choice. I use the Synthophone  with  a Yamaha VL70m with the custom Patchman Turbo Chip. A second VL70m module with Turbo Chip and a Roland Sonic Cell  are used for expanding the palette of sounds. It also allows for  the ability to layer sounds for horn and string sections. I spent about a year and a half trying to do software synths . This was a a pretty elaborate setup that became to complex and glitch prone. Now I'm back to concentrating on the music instead of software.  


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