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Check out the link the fantastic XPression Sound Module 

from Dynasample




Bob Hunt's Myspace


An amazing man named Ruud van der Wel has been helping children with muscular diseases to enjoy the benifits of playing a windcontroller.Just click on this text to visit this site.

You can help these kids by buying a CD from Michael Marks. He has produced some great music for the benifit of Ruud's students.Just click on this text to go to his site and sample his work.


Windsynth and Midi Gear Links

The Robo Sax Guy Erik Klein saxes, synthophone, and EWI Good info and great music

The Synthophone site sponsored by Erik Klein.

Everything you wanted to know about Windcontrollers, but were afraid to ask. (New updated Windcontroller FAQ that says it all)

Patchman Music the maker of the fabulous VL Turbo Chip and various soundbanks for synths used with Windcontrollers.

Yahoo Windcontroller group is run by Patchman Music and is geared to all Windcontrollers and related Equipment. Membership required

Midi Solutions Some very cool little black boxes that solve all sorts of midi problems.

Norton Music WX5 Tips and Tricks Page (Creator and On-Line Store for Band In A Box Improvement Software and more!)

Band In A Box music software.

Thorsten Kowalski's Midi Bass and Windcontroller Site (Germany)

Windcontroller Music Links

Matt Traum will treat you to some real nice solo work on a couple of different windcontrollers, and a number of instrument patches.

Emory Stagmer has the coolest website I have ever seen. You will just have to see this one for your self. He and his band Ezekiel's Wheel have done a sound track for the Movie Antigone that will be released sometime this year. Be sure to check out Emory's art work as well as the music. Do explore, it is worth it.

Steve Anderson's EVI Zone (Electronic Valve Instrument). Steve has some great music contributions here as well as his own. Steve is a superb acoustic instrument emulator.