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This setup allows me to go wireless. As of 5-27-2010 the Ground Control Pro has a  Kenton Transmitter installed inside the case. The Synthophone is wireless via a beltpack that includes a WIDI transmitter, and the custom Power Supply that I built. The power comes from a Lithium Polymer batterypack (11.1 Volts 3800mah). The battery pack will allow more than 4 hours of playing time.  In the event there is some kind of problem with wireless I can unplug a cord from the Synthophone  and plug the midi cable into the original Synthophone Power Supply.  Updated picture coming soon!

Changing patches and layers gets more interesting with a Laptop Computer in the loop. I found the best method for me is using the Ground control Pro in conjunction with some software called Bome. Bome is a midi translator that converts midi foot pedal actuations to key switches. I am using  Reaper as a host for the VST instruments on the Laptop. Reaper has the ability of custom programming the key switches on a qwerty keyboard to select tracks where the instruments reside. 
Horn Section Sounds
Here is an example of my setup.I am using Sample Modeling's Sax Brothers and The Trumpet for my Horn Section. So far it is the best section sound I have been able to assemble. It is great for big band and a hot  R&B  horn section
Program #1   Reaper Tracks 1 Mr T, 2  Mr A, 3 Mr B, and 4 the Trumpet
Program #2   VL70-m1= Mbrecker  
Program #3   VL70-m1= Real Flute
Program #4   VL70-m1= Kenny G