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 Martin Hurni Synthophone, Selmer Super Action 80 with redesigned power supply


  Martin Hurni Synthophone, Legend  (Copy of Super Action 80)
see the New Synthophone page for pictures

2   Yamaha VL70-m Physical Modeling Tone Module    ( with the Patchman VL   Turbochip)

TOA D3 mixer                               

 Galaxy HotSpot Monitor

 Furman AR-117 line Conditioner

 Woodwind Brasswind ProTenor Saxophone with a Jody Jazz Gold Mouthpiece

2 Mackie SLM350 Powered Speaker

Bose L1 Compact PA System


 Voodoo Labs Ground Control Pro Midi Foot Controller

 Yamaha FC9 Volume pedal

 Midi Solutions Quadra Midi merge

 Kenton Wireless Midi (transmitter mounted in the Synthophone Power Supply minus the AC circuit

Widi Wireless midi system


Dell Latitude 2.6ghz, 3 g memory , 7200 RPM drive, Win XP


HP mini 1000 Netbook 2g memory (for backing tracks) 


 M-Audio FastTrack Pro Audio Interface(for the Netbook used for backing tracks) 

 M-Audio FastTrack Ultra  Audio interface  

Audix om-5 Vocal Microphone



Martin Hurni Selmer Super Action 80 Synthophone


I hope to have new pictures up of my latest rig  here but in the mean time 

check out this link.    http://www.saxmagic.net/gear.html


This was my last rig as of 3-15-08. I split everything up into 2 rack cases. The main Rack is a Rok Sak 4 space. It is plywood covered in nylon. It is durable yet light and easy to carry. Here I have 3 VL70m's with Turbo Chips, a TOA D3 Mixer, the new Synthophone Power Supply, and a Quadra Merge. In the Gator 3 space rack Bag there is the Kenton wireless Midi Receiver and the Furman Power Conditioner/ Voltage Regulator.

Rig rack 1 3-15-08

Below are a "few" of the many rigs I have assembled since about 2002. 


Rack Back

New Synthophone Power Supply

Rig as of 9-23-06. Simplicity makes for less weight, less connections to come undone, and it is easier to make clean layering of the synths.

Here are a couple more of my previous rigs


This was the rig that is in a 4 space effects rack prior to dropping another VL70-m in favor simplicity . It was a bit of a task getting everything to fit but all of the components and wiring are very snug and secure. The Bose PAS allowed for a reduction in components.(( update 5-29-07)) I have returned to basically this same setup. Two VL's are real nice for layering sounds. Eventually I will have 3 back in my rig. The horn section sounds and other layers are pristine , and very authentic sounding. I would have to sacrifice only a few sounds in the XV to go this way again.


(Left side view)

Below is a view of the actual wiring. Everything is secured with  wire ties ,and  velcro.
Note the Antenna mounts. For both  the Sennheiser Wireless In Ear Monitor , and the Kenton.  I have installed antenna extensions to allow rack mounting. This is the old rig before it was modified and downsized.