Sax Magic is my name for the music produced by me , Bob Hunt and the fabulous Synthophone. I play and sing with professionally produced backing tracks. 

What's a Synthophone? Well it is an actual Alto Saxophone that has been "enhanced" with internal electronics to send midi data to external synthesizers and computers. The instrument feels and plays like an acoustic sax and has the capabilities of sounding like almost any musical instrument or sound effect. Depending on the the synthesizer utilized, the Synthophone can become a multiple of instruments to form layers of sounds which will produce string and horn sections. The Synthophone is a hand built instrument designed and built by Martin Hurni in Berne Switzerland.

The Synthophone is one of a handful of electronic instruments available today that fall under the category of midi wind controllers.

From the Wikapedia on the Internet:

A wind controller, sometimes referred to as a "wind synth" or "wind synthesizer", can loosely be defined as an electronic wind instrument. Wind controllers are most commonly played and fingered like a woodwind instrument, usually the saxophone, with the next most common being brass fingering, particularly the trumpet. Models have even been produced that play and finger like other acoustic instruments such as the recorder or the tin whistle. A wind controller might convert fingering, breath pressure, bite pressure, finger pressure, and other sensors into control signals which are then used to control internal or external devices such as analog synthesizers or MIDI-compatible synthesizers, softsynths, sequencers, or even lighting systems.

Since a wind controller usually does not make a sound on its own, it must be connected to a sound generating device such as a MIDI or analog synthesizer which is connected to an amplifier. For this reason, a wind controller generally can sound like anything depending on the capabilities of the connected sound generator. The fingering and shape of the controller are not related to how the wind controller sounds. For example, in addition to conventional wind instruments such as a trumpet or saxophone, a wind controller could be made to sound like a violin, drums, or even exotic pads. Some wind controllers, such as the MIDI EVI by Nyle Steiner, have polyphonic capabilities.

Sax Magic specializes in a musical atmosphere that includes Jazz and Pop favorites and contemporary smooth Jazz.